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A picture showing a sea can container in the shipyard with a heavy machine

Spacious and High-quality Shipping Containers in Western Alberta

GP Masonry Supply provides shipping containers ( or c-can containers, sea can containers, conex boxes, and cargo containers) to meet your needs. There are different ways to abbreviate “C-Cans”, such as Sea cans/C-Cans/C-cans/C CANS).


Because the demand for additional space is continual, these containers may fulfill the needs of a variety of industries such as building, industrial, commercial, mining, forestry, oil patch, transporting products, and household usage. We service various regions in Canada, including North Alberta, Western Alberta and North East British Columbia.


We provide several sizes such as new and used 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft in standard height (8'6") and high cube (9'6").


We also provide a number of custom modifications, such as:

  • Man doors

  • Roll-up doors

  • Shelving

  • Foam insulation

  • Electrical packages

  • Locks

  • Windows

  • Vents

  • Caster wheels

  • Divider walls

  • Drafting table package

  • And more

Picker delivery is also available for Containers. 20 Foot Container rate is $200.00 per hour. 40 Foot Container rate is $250.00 per hour. 

Want to purchase our products? Please get in touch with us at 1-800-440-0647 or fill out our online request for a quote.

Who Uses Storage Containers? 

We provide storage solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. Organizations with whom we collaborate include:

  • Construction companies

  • Health care institutions

  • Educational institutions

  • Religious institutions

  • Government agencies

  • Commercial and industrial organizations, manufacturers, warehouses

  • Sports and recreation organizations

  • Retail establishments

Containers Already Modified and Available for Sale

  • 20 & 40’ 

  • Containers previously modified

  • Container Modifications Available

  • Vents

  • Window and window security

  • Doors -man, roll up, 18’ garage door

  • Insulation 

  • Electrical

Container Accessories Available:

  • Locks-Keyed Alike and Different

  • Bolt on lock box

  • Shelving-3-shelf bracket, pipe rack, heavy duty shelving

  • Drafting Table

  • Divider Walls

  • Portable Heater

  • Container Bridge Fitting

  • Container Twist Lock (and Container Twist Lock Deck Mount)

  • Container swivel caster wheel

  • Container Door Gasket Seal

  • Container Door Lock Rod

  • Container D-Rings

  • Container Skids

Container Modifications

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What Size Shipping Container Do You Need?

You know the different sizes of containers we offer. Now, you have to decide which size container will you need for your business or personal items.

10ft Used Shipping Containers

These can hold the contents of a studio apartment or small one-bedroom house.

20ft Used Shipping Containers

These can accommodate the items of a one-to-two bedroom apartment.

40ft Used Shipping Containers

These containers can store the contents of a two-three house with a dining room, living room, den and kitchen.