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Shop from a Variety of Quality Masonry Products in North Alberta

Do you need masonry and landscaping products in North Alberta, Western Alberta, or North East British Columbia? At GP Masonry Supply, you can depend on our range of masonry products to find the best quality and options to suit your landscaping, construction, and structural improvement projects.

Masonry enhances the look and value of your structures and it often requires hard materials like brick and stone. We have a wide range of precast and natural stone alternatives, as well as some fantastic veneer materials that are suitable for both outdoor and interior use. If you have a question troubling you, please contact us right away. You can also request a pricing estimate for your upcoming landscaping project.

Our Masonry Products Range

It takes a lot of effort to create the perfect outdoor space for your home or business. We're pleased to assist in any way we can. Consider GP Masonry Supply to be your masonry supply store, with all the products and resources available at competitive prices.

Quality Bricks

High-quality Bricks

Choose us for brick supply and enjoy lasting value, durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and surprising affordability.


Dutch Quality Stone

Dutch Quality Stone can help you enhance the look of your home  with stones that capture the beauty and character of a natural stone.

TerraCraft Natural Stone Veneer

TerraCraft Natural Stone Veneer

Find at GP Masonry unique blends of modern and traditional patterns across a broad choice of colours in the TerraCraft range for your home or business.

Stone Siding

Stone Siding

Achieve an authentic traditional masonry look with our range of panelized stone siding products from Versetta Stone®.

Stone Veneer

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Our versatile selection of durable and strong manufactured stones provides an authentic natural stone look in an affordable price range.

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer

Available in both loose and panelized forms, our impressive selection of natural stones can help you create a high-end curb appeal.

ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer

ThinCut™ Natural Stone Veneer

ThinCut natural stones are designer-friendly and come in five contemporary textures to elevate your interior and exterior decor ideas.

ADEX stucco house.png

Stucco Materials

We offer stucco materials in a variety of colour options. Also, count on us for equipment and diamond blades to complete your project.


Cultured Stone

Our cultured stone veneers are expertly engineered to resemble natural stone at an affordable price and with simple installation.

Pangaea® Natural Stone Veneer

Pangaea® Natural Stone Veneer

GP Masonry Supply is a trusted supplier of Pangaea® Natural Stone products. We also offer architectural accessories and landscape supplies.

TIER® Natural Stone Veneer

TIER® Natural Stone Veneer

We are a trusted supplier of the TIER natural stones range. Being a quick and easy-to-use system, TIER® is suitable for most applications.

Masonry tools.jpg

Masonry Tools

Complete your masonry projects with utmost safety, ease, and efficiency with our range of masonry tools in North Alberta.

Complete Masonry Solutions

From bricks and stones to a wide range of masonry tools and equipment, we have got everything your project needs.

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