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Get TerraCraft® Natural Stone in North Alberta and Surrounding Areas

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GP Masonry Supply is a proud supplier of TerraCraft® Natural Stone products in North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia. We have a cutting-edge assortment of loose and panelized natural stone veneers. TerraCraft® is a beautiful modern stone veneer that was created by nature. It mixes modern and traditional patterns with a broad choice of colours, from airy and light whites to dramatic darks.

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This stone is great for a variety of purposes, including creating a striking modern feature wall and giving your home a distinct identity. It has a contemporary stone assortment, innovative colour combinations, and distinctive stone designs, and it is DIY friendly! There are currently four main styles - Classic, Designer, Linear, and Signature Collections. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. If you want to buy these stones, please contact us for further information.

TerraCraft® Natural Stone Products

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TerraCraft® Natural Stone Products

These stones come in various collections, styles, shapes and colours.


Classic Collection

TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer's Classic Collection has stood the test of time. Because of their adaptability, these colours might be the starting point for your next creative project. The collection has ideal DIY-friendly panelized stone veneers for any classic or modern design. It would look great as a stone accent feature wall, fireplace surround, or kitchen backsplash.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Flat: 6” x 24” x 1″

  • Corner: 6” x 23½” x 1″


Corner Style: Double Ended Z-Format

Classic Collection Sample

*Black is not recommended for exterior use, contains natural iron ore & may rust/leech when exposed to the elements.

No colours require additional treatment or finishes.


Designer Collection

The Designer Collection from TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer is a modern spin on the traditional stone panel colour palette. This simple-to-install modern stone panel is excellent for any modern décor! TerraCraft® Natural Stone's Designer Collection has cutting-edge tones, allowing you to broaden your design options and take any project to greater heights.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Flat: 6” x 24” x 1″

  • Corner: 6” x 12” x 1″


Corner Style: Edged

Designer Collection Sample

Linear Collection

TerraCraft® Natural Stone Veneer's Dimensional Series Linear Collection comes in a range of depths and heights, resulting in a unique shadowing effect. The Linear Collection is super modern and perfect for adding a unique design element to any project, whether it's an interior stone feature wall, a contemporary fireplace, a sleek kitchen backsplash, or a touch of elegance in a bathroom. Thanks to the practically unlimited creative options, each project will have a one-of-a-kind flair, bringing a current modern atmosphere to any space.


Available in 6 Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Size 1: 4” X 12” X ½”

  • Size 2: 4” X 12” X 1”

  • Size 3: 4” X 24” X ½”

  • Size 4: 4” X 24” X 1”

  • Size 5: 8” X 24” X ½”

  • Size 6: 8” X 24” X 1”


Packaging: Each carton contains 7 pieces

  • 2 pieces of Size 1

  • 1 piece of Sizes 2 – 6


Corners: N/A

Linear Collection Sample

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection has the largest natural stone panels available on the market. Our exclusive contemporary collection melds the conventional rugged stone look with unique colourways. The large stone panels are ideal for both classic and modern applications in commercial as well as residential projects. It is perfectly suited for creating interior striking feature walls or adding unique character to the exterior of a project.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Flat: 9” x 24” x 1″

  • Corner: 9” x 12” x 1″

Corner Style: Edged

Signature Collection Sample

Get TerraCraft Natural Stones

Our Classic, Designer, Linear, and Signature collections from TerraCraft can accentuate most interior and exterior designs.

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