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Septic holding tank
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Concrete Septic and Holding Tanks in North Alberta

Are you searching for the right size of concrete septic and holding tanks in North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia? GP Masonry Supply has a variety of pump-out and holding cistern/sewage tanks ranging in size from 750 to 3700 gallons. We service many Canadian locations and provide septic/holding tanks that are durable and long-lasting. ​If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

Septic/Holding Tanks Catalogue

Holding Tank Cistern/Sewage

Pump-Out Septic

Tank Accessories

GP Masonry Supply offers durable extensions, tar strips, manhole lids and accessories in North Alberta and surrounding areas.

Water Treatment Plants

  • Holding Tank 3 Pcs

  • Holding Tank 4Pcs

Concrete Septic and Holding Tanks

We offer septic and holding tanks in a variety of sizes. Also, check out our water treatment plants, extensions, and accessories.

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