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A truck carrying concrete blocks
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Top-quality Concrete Products in North Alberta

GP Masonry Supply offers a comprehensive range of concrete products in North Alberta, Western Alberta and North East British Columbia to help you get your construction job done well. We provide dependable products, including septic tanks and oilfield safety barriers.

Our products are long-lasting and built of high-quality materials. We do not compromise on quality since we believe in providing value for money. If you need assistance selecting a product, our team is always accessible. We listen to your needs and then deliver a product that meets your preferences and demands. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

What We Offer

Our selection of concrete products has products to complete most concrete installation projects. Delivery and placement services are available with our picker truck for an extra fee.

Holding tank in the ground

Septic/Cistern and Holding Tanks

GP Masonry offers a variety of pump-out and holding cistern/sewage tanks. Our tanks are available in different sizes, ranging from 750 to 3700 gallons.

A picture of concrete barriers stacked upon each other

Concrete Barriers

We have concrete barriers to suit most application requirements, from parking curbs/mini barriers to safety barriers and accessories.

single sing post_edited.jpg

Signpost Pads

Need a durable sign system? GP Masonry Supply offers Signpost Pads that stay firmly in place under harsh conditions with a single-pour process.

Ultra-rib holding tank

Septic, Cistern, and Holding Tanks

We are your source for high-performance, durable ultra-rib septic, cistern, and holding tanks in North Alberta and surrounding areas.

Truck with big blocks

Mega Blocks

Get mega blocks customized for your needs. Our mega blocks are manufactured on-site. We also provide delivery and placement.

Sump and catch basin

Sump and Catch Basin

We offer single and double sump and catch basins for a variety of applications. Our team is here to help you make the right choice for your location.

splash pad4.jpg

Splash Pad and Concrete Planks

Protect your home from water damage with GP Masonry Supply's reliable splash pads and concrete planks available in various sizes.

Concrete Products

GP Masonry Supply has a reputation for providing top-quality, highly durable concrete products.

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