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Your Provider for Pangaea® Natural Stone Products in North Alberta

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GP Masonry Supply supplies Pangaea® Natural Stone products in North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia. Our products also include architectural accessories and landscape supplies. Pangaea® stones push the boundaries of what a natural stone veneer can and should be. Pangaea® is a pre-blended, ready-to-install stone. It comes in various designs and hues that only mother nature can produce, from gloomy grays and brooding blacks to brilliant desert tones. Pangaea® has a stone for everyone and every project, whether you are a homeowner or a professional in the construction sector.

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Why Choose the Pangaea® Natural Stone?

The following are some advantages of utilizing Pangaea® Natural Stone:

  • GripSet® Technology enhances friction between the stone and the wall, allowing their attachment more effectively.

  • Each stone is pre-worked and pre-blended before packing, thanks to the Installation Ready™ packaging.

  • Quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety are assured by our ISO-certified company.

  • 3 Course Ashlar, Castlestone, Fieldstone, Ledgestone, Microledge, Quarry Ledgestone®, and Roman Castlestone are among the 7 Pangaea® Natural Stone designs.

Pangaea® Natural Stone Textures

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Pangaea® Natural Stone Products

These stones come in various collections, styles, shapes and colours. 


Pangaea® 3 Course Ashlar

3 Course Ashlar is a natural stone that is both ultra-modern and timeless. This stone is at the crossroads of classic and traditional, as well as modern and contemporary. It has a delicate, elegant look with a tumbled face and worn edges*. This stone is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Klondike has split edges and a natural face.


Stone Size:·


  • Length: 5′′–18′′

  • Height: 2¼”, 5′′, & 7¾”

  • Thickness: ¾”–1 3/8“

  • Weight: 9–13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Pangaea® 3 Course Ashlar Sample

Pangaea® Castlestone

Pangaea® Natural Stone's Castlestone is versatile and has a classic aesthetic. This timeless style can alter any home or business project, whether you want to mimic the look of an 18th-century castle or construct a modern architectural masterpiece. Castlestone has a natural ledge finish and a worn, cracked face surface.


Stone Size:


  • Length: 4′′–18′′

  • Height: 4′′–12′′

  • Thickness: ¾”–1 3/8“

  • Weight: 8–13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Pangaea® Castlestone Sample

Pangaea® Fieldstone

Pangaea® Natural Stone's Fieldstone is a long-lasting, traditional building material. A timeless work of art that is as relevant now as it was hundreds of years ago. A natural split face and a worn edge characterize fieldstone.


Stone Sizes:


  • Range: ½ ft2 – 1½ ft2

  • Thickness: ¾” – 1¼”

  • Weight: 10 – 13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Pangaea® Fieldstone Sample

Pangaea® Ledgestone

Ledgestone is a classic but modern natural stone that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a popular option for both business and household projects. Ledgestone is available with natural worn face, split face, and hewn surface treatments.

Specifications for Azul* & Black Rundle*:

Stone Sizes:


  • Length: 6″ – 18″

  • Height: 2″ – 5″

  • Thickness: ¾” – 13/8“

  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2


Jumpers: Not Available
Corners: Available

Pangaea® Ledgestone Sample

Specifications for Remaining Colours:

Stone Sizes:


  • Length: 6″ – 18″

  • Height: 2″ – 5″

  • Thickness: ¾” – 13/8“

  • Weight: 8 -13 lbs/ft2


Jumpers†: 4″ – 6″
Corners: Available

†Jumpers are stone veneers that have a larger height profile, and are typically blended with Ledgestone to create visual interest.



Microledge is a signature stone from Pangaea® Natural Stone. It has a distinct individuality that works well in both a rustic cottage and a modern penthouse. Microledge has a natural worn, split face, and hewn surface finishes on lineal surfaces. Using this stone in your interior or exterior design will undoubtedly attract attention.


Stone Size:


  • Length: 6″ – 12″

  • Height: 1″ – 2″

  • Thickness: 1″ – 1½”

  • Weight: 11 – 13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Microledge Sample

Quarry Ledgestone

Quarry Ledgestone from Pangaea® Natural Stone comes in various shapes, including random ashlar and rough tooled masonry in the European manner. The ancients utilized this type of stone to build long-lasting constructions, and you may carry on the practice today.


Stone Sizes:


  • Length: up to 16″ plus fillers

  • Height: up to 8″ plus fillers

  • Thickness: average 1″

  • Weight: 9 – 13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Quarry Ledgestone Sample

Roman Castlestone

The stone has an antique European look about it. Pangaea® Natural Stone's Roman Castlestone combines yesterday's elegance with today's finesse. The natural worn and split face of Roman Castlestone has a weathered-edge finish that connects the old and new worlds.



Stone Sizes:


  • Length: 4″ – 18″

  • Height: 4″- 12″

  • Thickness: ¾” – 11/8“

  • Weight: 8 – 13 lbs/ft2


Corners: Available

Roman Castlestone Sample

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Discover how natural stone options from Pangaea can add value, aesthetics, and durability to your masonry project.

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