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A house with textured stones provided by Dutch Quality Stone®.
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Dutch Quality Stone in North Alberta and Surrounding Areas

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Dutch Quality brings to you precision-cut stones in a wide variety of colours, styles, and sizes. These stones can elevate your interior, exterior, residential, and commercial spaces. Dutch Quality craftsmen draw from their strong Amish values to create stones capturing the beauty, quality, and unique character of natural stone. Using these artisan-crafted stones available in an extensive range of choices, you can add authentic texture, character, and price to your decor and curb appeal.

Why choose Dutch Quality Stone®:


Range of Offerings: Select stones from a variety of styles and colours.


Ease of Installation: As lightweight stones, they are easy to install in different locations.


Range of Applications: They are suitable for most applications, including residential spaces, outdoor living areas, commercial facilities, multi-family buildings, and signages.


Maintenance Free: Dutch Quality Stone® requires zero maintenance - no painting, coating or 

sealing needed.

Weather Resistant: These stones are designed to withstand freezing, thawing, and heat and then cool down without chipping, cracking, or fading.


Warranty: The stone range carries a transferable 50-year limited warranty.

Dutch Quality Textures

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Dutch Quality Products

These stones come in various collections, styles, shapes and colours.


Dry Stack

Dry Stack comes in an easy-to-install panel form made from several natural stones stacked meticulously. It is an exceptionally efficient option for most projects as the installer doesn’t have to grout small ledge stones that lead to prolonged construction timelines.



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 5″ – 24″

  • Height: 2″ & 4″

Dry Stack Sample


Fieldstone features a selection of unique stones with rustic textures that remind you of countryside styles. The stones are made through a time-consuming moulding process, which ensures the natural organic shapes of the stones produced.



Stone Sizes:

  • Range: 5″ – 22″

Fieldstone Sample


Choose from the Ledgestone range to add a rugged character to your decor. These heavily textured stones have deep lines and come in irregular shapes. They create a dramatic shadowing effect, giving the appearance of hand-hewn stone.



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 7½″ – 23″

  • Height: 1½″ – 6½″

Ledgestone Sample


The Limestone range is composed of hand-chiselled limestones with a clean, classic appeal. They come in moulded shapes and regular sizes, making limestones an easy-to-install option. The timeless look of Limestone makes it a preferred choice of designers and masons.



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 4″ – 22″

  • Height: 2½″ – 7½″

Limestone Sample

Rough Ashlar

Rough Ashlar™ is a range of dressed stones with a classic appeal. Representing a unique depth and interest, these stones come in varying textures and sizes. The stone range comes in dynamic features and mixed sizes. Complemented by a diverse colour palette, Rough Ashlar elevates both traditional and modern aesthetics.


Every product in its portfolio reflects a sense of time-honoured tradition and classic charm and warmth. That’s why Rough Ashlar is ideal for creating traditional styles with a touch of a contemporary colour palette.

Rough Ashlar Sample



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 6”–23”

  • Height: 3½”–12½”



  • Short: 3”–5”

  • Long: 8”–12.5”


Stack Ledge

The Stack Ledge range of ledgestones comes in chiselled textures with irregular surface details. The square edges of this stone veneer allow for quick and easy installation and a tighter fit.



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 7½″ – 21″

  • Height: 1½″ – 6½″

Stack Ledge Sample

Tuscan Ridge

Tuscan Ridge features ledge stones in large rubble shapes. This gives the appearance of traditional Italian stone masonry. The final installation of each Tuscan Ridge product has its own unique custom pattern.



Stone Sizes:

Length: 4½″ – 14″

Height: 1½″ – 6½″

Tuscan Ridge Sample

Weather Ledge

Weather Ledge features long, linear stone pieces of different heights and a distressed, aged surface. Each Weather Ledge stone is shaped to achieve a tight dry stack installation. The shadowing effect is moderate, even when grouted.



Stone Sizes:

  • Length: 4″ – 23″

  • Height: 1½″ – 7½″

Weather Ledge Sample

Weathered Plank 4

Weathered Plank 4 from Dutch Quality is a stone veneer that resembles natural wood. The moulding process captures the grain and character of natural wood, allowing Weathered Plank 4 to recreate the appearance of reclaimed barn wood with the benefits of masonry. Knots, grooves and nail holes look and feel like real wood.


Create remarkable interior accent walls, fireplaces, exterior facades and more. These 4" high planks elongate a space with 36" lengths. Blend with Weathered Plank 6 to create unique patterns with different height variations

Weathered Plank 4 Sample



Stone Sizes:

  • Height: 4″

  • Width: 36″


Weathered Plank 6

Weathered Plank 6 features stone veneers that mimic the natural wood look. Thanks to the specialized moulding process, the stone inherits the grain and character of natural wood, allowing you to recreate a barn wood-inspired decor with the benefits of masonry.


The Weathered Plank 6 range can help you create stunning fireplaces, interior accent walls, exterior facades, and more. These 6" high planks with clean lines give your structure a uniform finished appearance. The stone veneer range allows you to create unique patterns in diverse height variations and work for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Weathered Plank 6 Sample



Stone Sizes:

  • Height: 6″

  • Width: 36″

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