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A picture of a house made of TIER® Natural Stone Veneer’s material.
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High-grade TIER® Natural Stone Veneer in North Alberta

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GP Masonry Supply is the trusted supplier of TIER® Natural Stone products in North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia. TIER® is a natural stone panelling method created by expert stonemasons to produce a unique and natural stone finish. It is a quick and easy-to-use system because the panels rise in interlocking tiers and fit smoothly. This eliminates the need for specialist labour and makes TIER® Natural Stone high-grade. GP Masonry Supply provides TIER® Natural Stone in North Alberta, Western Alberta and North East British Columbia.

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Each TIER® panel is made from only quality natural stones, which are carefully chosen and treated before usage, ensuring that no two panels are the same. The masons use natural stones such as limestone, slate, quartz, granite, basalt, and sandstone to create products. The stones have delicate colour mixes and are made using traditional masonry procedures for a consistent and realistic appearance. TIER® is available in a wide range of finishes, from traditional to modern, and the panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

TIER® Natural Stone Textures

Why Should You Choose TIER® Natural Stone?

Some of the reasons to use TIER® Natural Stone are:

  • Authentic and real: Made of real stone with a classic brickwork appearance.

  • Reputable manufacturer: Our goods are subjected to rigorous quality control and colour variance standards.

  • Easy and quick installation: Contractors and competent homeowners can install it.

  • Warranty: A 15-year limited warranty is included.



This is an ultra-modern natural stone panel that captures shadow and depth from its unique, varied stone sizes. Available in a colour range from creamy white to smooth grays, 3D from TIER® Natural Stone is perfect for commercial and residential facades, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and many other applications.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Flat: 8½” x 21¼” x 1”



  • 8½” x 7½” x 1”

  • 8½” x 13¾” x 1”

Corner Style: 2 Piece

 A photo of a 3D pattern tile with a brick pattern.


TIER® Natural Stone's Contemporary is a thin panelized stone veneer produced from split face stone. The different depths and textures highlight the stone's innate beauty, giving it a three-dimensional appearance, especially when lit. TIER® Natural Stone's Contemporary is perfect for outdoor feature walls, courtyards, and entertainment spaces. The stone panels are also well-suited for interior usage and are ideal for fireplaces and feature walls.

Contemporary from TIER® Natural Stone is quick and easy to install because of its modular design. Finger Corners, created and produced to provide authentic-looking corners, are featured in Contemporary. Each Corner piece fits together perfectly to form a genuine stone corner.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):

​Flat: 6” x 24” x ¾”



  • 6” x 8” x ¾”

  • 6” x 16” x ¾”


Corner Style: Finger Corner

A photo of a contemporary stone tile veneer.


A rugged but contemporary panelized stone veneer made from TIER® Natural Stone. Each panel comprises several hand-dressed individual stones, resulting in a truly hand-crafted panelized stone veneer. TIER® Natural Stone is ideal for enhancing curb appeal on outside façades as well as interior applications such as feature walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and more.

Crafted modular panels are designed to slot together smoothly, removing the need for specialist labour. To disguise the seams, all panels and corners are Z-shaped, giving the illusion of a genuine stone wall.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):

Flat: 8½” x 21¼” x 1”



  • 8½” x 7½” x 1”

  • 8½” x 13¾” x 1”


Corner Style: 2 Piece Z-Shaped

A photo of a crafted stone tile veneer.


Traditional is a stone panel from TIER® Natural Stone that has a rough yet fitted appearance. Flats, Corners, and Starter Strips are the three-panel components that make up the Traditional Range.​

The first course at the base is Starter Strips, followed by Flat panels. Starter Strips are also used above window and door openings as the first course. The distinctive panel form and design minimize horizontal connections, resulting in a much more seamless final finish for your project.


Stone Sizes (H x L x W):


  • Flat: 8½” x 21¼” x 1”

  • Corners: 8½” x 10⅝” x 1” (per side)

  • Starter Strip: 4¼” x 21¼” x 1”


Corner Style: L Shaped

A photo of a traditional stone panel.

Get TIER® Natural Stone

Reach out to us to explore the products in the 3D, Contemporary, Crafted, and Traditional ranges.

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