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Drafting Table

Drafting Table

In stock




  • 2 x large vertical tube (1225 mm/48”)
  • 2 x large horizontal tube (400 mm/15.75”)
  • 2 x large horizontal tube (560mm/22”)
  • 4 x bolt bag “A”
  • 4 x large connecting slope
  • 4 x large connecting plate


*Does not include wooden shelves


Drafting Table Set Description: This product features adjustable shelf heights, variable angles and an unobstructed front for flexible storage. The shelf system can hang from the container D-rings leaving no holes or damage to the container walls when uninstalled. It can also be bolted to a studded wall for use in an office, garage and laundry room or anywhere else you need an attractive shelf that is strong.


Use the following link for a copy of our Product Sheet.


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