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New 20' Sea Can Container with GP Masonry logo
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Portable, Customizable Sea Can Containers in North Alberta

We sell, deliver and rent new and used sea can containers in North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia. With over 15 different styles, we are guaranteed to have the right fit for you. Don’t have anywhere to put a sea can, although you still need storage? No problem, we just opened an on-site container rental storage.


We offer affordable storage solutions that are portable, customizable, rodent-proof, and weather-proof. Our shipment containers are available in different sizes, from 7-foot to 40-foot cans in length, and in two different heights - a standard height of 8’6” and a high cube height of 9’6”.

Sea Can Shipping Containers for Every Need

Why Choose GP Masonry Supply

Our range of new and used storage containers is ideal for:

  • Tire and Automotive Storage

  • Agricultural Equipment and supply storage 

  • Health and Financial Business records storage 

  • Landscaping storage

  • Golf Courses and Resorts

  • School and Church storage

  • Construction tool and equipment storage 

  • Sports Equipment Storage

  • Residential renovations and moving.

​One thing that sets us apart from any other container supplier is we take pride in our products. When we receive our containers, we pressure wash them inside and out. For our one trip, we will touch up the paint that was compromised during transportation. We take pride in our quality products and want you to be 100% satisfied as well.

When purchasing our GPM sea can containers, you can be happy with the quality. We order them with extra vents all around the container. They also come with a lock box already installed and an easy-to-open door handle.

Sales & Rentals

Sales and Rentals – All Containers

Nesting Boxes

  • One Trip New 7’ Sea Can

  • One Trip New 9’