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North Alberta’s Choice for New and Used Shipping Containers

Are you looking to purchase a new or used shipping container in North Alberta? GP Masonry Supply is a locally owned and family-owned company in Grand Prairie providing new and used shipping containers for sale. All our products are guaranteed to be water and wind-tight. Shipping containers are ideal for both commercial and personal storage. Purchasing one ensures that you will always have it available for any of your requirements. Used shipping containers are available for purchase in Western Alberta, North East British Columbia, and North Alberta. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and conditions. They may be used to store almost anything that needs to be protected from the elements and unwanted attention.

Product Catalogue

The following is a list of our new and used shipping containers available in 7, 8, 9, 10, 20 & 40 footers.

New Sea Can Containers:

  • 7’ Sea Can Container

  • 8’ Sea Can Container

  • 9’ Sea Can Container

  • 10’ Sea Can Container (std and hc)

  • 20’ Sea Can Container 

  • 20’ std Sea Can Container

  • 20’ std tri door

  • 20’ std double door

  • 20’ std garage door

  • 20’ std open side

  • 20’ hc

  • 20’hc double door

  • 20’ hc garage door

  • 20’ hc open side

  • 40’ std

  • 40’ std dd

  • 40’ hc

  • 40’ hc dd

  • 40’ hc tri door

  • 40’ hc 4xdd

Used Containers:

  • 20’ std

  • 40’ std

  • 40’ hc

If you want a certain colour, a custom size, or extra adjustments, please contact us directly, and one of our sales specialists will assist you in finding and purchasing precisely what you require.

Shipping Container Rentals Available

GP Masonry Supply is your one-stop shop for shipping container rentals.

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