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A photograph showing the interior of a modern room with a brick wall

Enhance the Appearance of Your Home with Brick Veneers in North Alberta

Brick veneers are lightweight and low maintenance; they can replicate the rich look of traditional complete brick masonry on a budget. Brick veneer is a cost-effective way to increase the appearance and value of any house or business. 


Boral Thin Brick and Cultured Brick are available at GP Masonry Supply in a variety of materials, styles, and colours, making them ideal for use in any home or commercial application. Our products are available to North Alberta, Western Alberta, and North East British Columbia residents. 

Have questions on your mind regarding brick veneers? Contact us today, and our team will provide you with detailed solutions.

Boral Thin Brick 

Cultured Brick

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GP Masonry Supply is your one-stop shop for landscape and masonry products, offering everything from natural clay bricks to colourful stones and more.

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