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Stone work done on a residential house
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Long-lasting Natural Stone Veneer Products in North Alberta

You can make an ordinary project remarkable with our thin natural stone veneer products in North Alberta. GP Masonry Supply offers natural stone veneers in both loose and panelized forms. Incorporating these stones into your design can improve curb appeal while adding true value to your project. Natural stones from our extensive collection can be utilized outside or inside any building. These stones provide warmth and beauty to any house or business, and they may even be utilized inside as a feature wall or stone fireplace!

Our natural stone products last for a long time and give your project the look it deserves. Among the natural stones we provide in North Alberta are Pangaea® Natural Stone, TerraCraft® Natural Stone, ThinCut™ Natural Stone, and TIER® Natural Stone. For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Colonial Brick Natural Stone

This family-owned and operated manufacturer of natural stone veneer and natural full-bed stone can help you add a contemporary look to your home.

Residential house with Pangaea Natural Stone

Pangaea® Natural Stone

Create an unforgettable first impression, the ultimate outdoor entertaining space, or a relaxing private retreat with the Pangaea® Natural Stone Collection.

Residential house with TerraCraft Natural Stone

TerraCraft® Natural Stone

Bring a modern yet classic feel to any setting with the TerraCraft® Natural Stone collection.

Residential home with ThinCut Natural Stone

ThinCut™ Natural Stone

Use ThinCut™ on the front façade to provide curb appeal or clad your interior fireplace to impress your guests.

Residential home with TIER Natural Stone

TIER® Natural Stone

Create a distinctive look with TIER® Natural Stone products. These are easy to install and simple to use.

Get Expert Advice

Let our team help you select the most suitable products and brands to accomplish your project.

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